1. difficult to control or predict because of willful or perverse behavior
  2. following one’s own capricious, wanton, or depraved inclinations
  3. following no clear principle or law
  4. opposite to what is desired or expected

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…

It is a time of great confusion for the galaxy, the Galactic Alliance still struggling for the mistrust of the Second Galactic Civil War has begun to hear dangerous roomers from their old adversaries the Imperial Remnant.

Seeking to stave off an other galactic conflict the Senate has approved the Triumvirate approaching the Jedi Order to function as attaché to the still active and aggressive Imperial Remnant.

The Jedi council torn over how to approach this new responsibility has summoned the young Padawan Rei-Dos familiar with the structure and training regiment of the last known Dark Lord of the Sith Darth Caedus to accompany Jedi Master Nolen Fil-Mos and his Padwan Tan Ada who is preparing for his trails on their diplomatic assignment.

In a rare exception the council has invited the distinguished Chiss First Lt. Voss who is to be the official escort of the envoy to a meeting of the high council in the Jedi temple

Star Wars: A Wayward Eye

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