Jedi temple

The Jedi Temple was the headquarters of the Jedi Order from the conclusion of the Great Sith War to the Great Jedi Purge and during that time was home to its major training, bureaucratic and dormitory facilities. Jointly operated by the Order and the Galactic Republic, the Temple was sealed to all but the Jedi and their allies, with very few public areas. The complex would be abandoned and largely destroyed at the time of the Declaration of a New Order when the Order was utterly routed by the Galactic Empire. Upon the rise of the Galactic Alliance, the Temple was rebuilt for the reformed Order under the leadership of Luke Skywalker.


The Old Republic

The Coruscant Temple’s origins date back to 5,000 BBY when, at the beginning of the Great Hyperspace War, the Galactic Republic granted the Jedi land on Coruscant over a sacred mountain, which contained a Force nexus. A holy place for the local Coruscanti, the Republic hoped by granting the Order land they would build a massive fortress like those they had established on Ossus, Falang Minor, and Haashimut. However, the Order did not wish to entangle themselves with the politics of the capitol or become a symbol of war and opted to build only a small meditative enclave. It wasn’t until the Old Sith Wars saw the devastation of Ossus and the Great Jedi Library located there that the Order decided to re-establish its academy at the Sacred Spire. At the behest of the Order’s wisest thinkers, the Four Masters began the painstaking task of building the Temple Ziggurat. Growing steadily for the next thousand years the Temple incorporated various pieces of historical works and architecture from their past, including tiles and stained-glass mosaics from the lost complex on Ossus.

Following the construction of the four Jedi Council spires, the Jedi High Council moved from their temporary meeting place and permanently relocated to the High Council Chamber at the top of the northwestern tower. As the Order became more and more tightly-linked to the Republic they protected, the Order closed some of its satellite facilities and began moving all artifacts from Exis Station to the Temple’s Archives. After the failed Jedi Conclave on Katarr, the Temple was abandoned as the remaining Jedi Knights went into hiding as Darth Nihilus and Darth Sion began the First Jedi Purge. Abandoned for only a brief period, the Jedi reorganized and returned to the Temple following the defeat of both the Sith Lords.

For the next 300 years the Temple would stand as a beacon of the Jedi’s light in the galaxy, aiding the ailing Republic during the trying Great Galactic War. It was at the climax of this conflict that a dormant Sith Empire returned to the known galaxy and struck at the Temple during the Sacking of Coruscant in 3,653 BBY. Marching up to the gates of the Temple, a raiding party of Sith led by Darth Malgus entered the Temple and slaughtered the complex’s main line of defense in order to shut off Galactic City’s security network. Once dismantled, Malgus’ assault team planted bombs within the Temple and detonated them when the Sith fleet opened fire from the skies. The exterior of the Temple crumbled, the four stately towers falling upon the tiled roof, an empty ruin of its former self. However, much of the interior remained intact, symbolic of the Order’s state of affairs following the attack.

After the signing of the Treaty of Coruscant the Galactic Senate voted to hold off on rebuilding the Temple indefinitely due to the lack of funds. Interim Supreme Chancellor Paran Am-Ris informed Grand Master Zym of the vote and was promised that the Temple would eventually be rebuilt and the Sith routed. Soon after, Grand Master Zym was anonymously summoned to the Temple ruins in order to receive an important message. Discovering Commander Gin Lesl amongst the rubble, Zym assumed that she was prepared to tell him something. However she was just as confused as the Kel Dor Jedi. It was at that point the bounty hunter Braden revealed that he had information regarding the Sith assault on the Envoy and the subsequent death of Master Dar’Nala. Commander Lesl was confused as to why she had been summoned before Braden shot her for having him arrested on Dantooine. Drawing his lightsaber Zym demanded that Braden allow him to arrest him; Braden refused and attacked, killing the Jedi Grand Master and leaving both bodies amongst the ruins.

Following the defeat of the Sith Empire the Order was able to rebuild the Temple. Expanding over the next three millennia, with major additions beginning circa 3,500 BBY, seeing the completion of the Jedi Archives circa 2,519 BBY, another addition in 2,000 BBY, and the rebuilding of the Temple Spires in 1,019 BBY. It was only after the defeat of the Brotherhood of Darkness during the New Sith Wars and the end of the Republic Dark Age that the Temple would see its reconstruction completed with the refocusing of the Order at the Ruusan Reformation. Consolidating most of their efforts on Coruscant, the Order closed most of their satellite facilities and dismantled the Army of Light and began getting away from the militaristic teachings left over from the war with the Sith. With the Sith believed to be extinct, the Order and the Republic entered into a time of peace and prosperity known as the Golden Age. Unbeknownst to the Jedi, the Temple had been infiltrated by one of the last Sith following the Reformation. Darth Zannah, apprentice to Darth Bane, scoured the Archives in the guise of Padawan Nalia Adollu in order to find a cure for the orbalisks that were killing her master. Discovering the Sith too late, a task force was sent to defeat the Sith on Tython. The mission failed but was erroneously deemed a success and the Sith managed to avoid Jedi detection for the next thousand years.

The Fall of the Jedi

Following nearly a thousand years of peace, the Order was threatened by a new darkness. The future became even more clouded than was usual, the High Council could not predict events or sense disturbances as it once could. It was during this time of uneasiness in the ranks of the Order that the Temple became prone to attack.

The Temple first came under siege in 44 BBY when a series of robberies plagued the Temple. The High Council ordered Masters Qui-Gon Jinn and Tahl to uncover the thief and present him before the Council for judgment. Ranging from shredded tunics to missing training lightsabers, the threat became more serious when the Healing Crystals of Fire went missing. Even more extreme, while he wondered through the Room of a Thousand Fountains, an attempt was made on Grand Master Yoda’s life. While Yoda came away unscathed the entire Temple was stricken with fear as its walls were no longer a buffer against attack. When it was discovered that apprentice Bruck Chun was working in league with the mysterious intruder, the Dark Jedi Xanatos, Masters Jinn and Tahl began pondering on what Xanatos’ true intentions were. Gathering information from Master Yoda the two investigating Jedi deduced the Dark Jedi was after the vertex stored in the Temple Treasury. Planning on setting a trap while Tech Specialist Miro Daroon began cycling the sabotage Temple power grid, Jinn and his Padawan managed to lure Xanatos and Chun to the top of the High Council Tower. While Jinn was able to protect the Temple and recover the Healing Crystals, Xanatos escaped to plague the Order for a time, while Chun was defeated by Kenobi and accidentally killed, having fallen off a waterfall in the Room of a Thousand Fountains.

Eleven years later as the Force grew more and more murky The High Council dispatched six of its members along with several other members of the Order to put an end to the Yinchorri Uprising. Taking advantage of the absence of High Council members, the mysterious Dark Lord of the Sith Darth Sidious orchestrated an assault on the Temple. Hiring a terror group of Yinchorri they silently landed on the Temple Ziggurat and entered through the Atrium off the High Council Tower. Inside the invaders found the accommodation sector abandoned and were eventually met with a group of Jedi led by Grand Master Yoda. While the Yinchorri attacked the Jedi were able to defeat them all, suffering only the deaths of Jude Rozess and Tieren Nie-Tan.

Jedi temple

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