Character Creation

Star Wars: A Wayward Eye


The Universe of Star Wars is a grand space opera, with sweeping landscapes, majestic cultures, and a myriad of people and experiences to be had.

Starting Level

7th level

Playable Races

  • Don’t annoy me other then that it’s Star Wars part of the fun is that you are part of a universe of countless variation.

Starting Build

All Player-Characters start off with 40 points to use in standard point buy starting at ability level 8. You cannot buy down your abilities.

Starting Gold

All Player-Characters start off with 8,000 galactic credits.


Player-Characters cannot be Evil. Even those who are not Jedi need to practice a modicum of decent morality. According to SAGA Edition rules a character that falls to the dark side becomes an NPC.


All Player-Characters can not be part of the imperial remnant, they need not have any specific affiliation other then that. If you want you can be part of the Hutt crime syndicate, the resurged Black Sun, you can be part of the Galactic Alliance or any other organization within reason but please no ties to the Remnant.

Character Bio

I request at least one page of typed bio of your character. What has your character been doing, what is its past? I want you to flesh your character out here so we don’t have a bunch of stat blocks roaming the galaxy. How does your character support itself, what was it doing during the most recent Galactic Civil War? You can have just about any sort of history you want, so have fun with it. The more effort you put in to your character the better I’ll know your character and the better I’ll be able to work with you. This is also your chance to put effective history (history that might come into play during the campaign) into your character. A childhood rivalry, an ancient curse placed on your family line, you name it and we can probably work something out. These bio’s will have in-game effects that will be very important not just to your character but to you as a PC.

Character Creation

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