Rei Dos


Race: Nagai
Homeworld: Nagii
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Height: 5’ 6"
Weight: 130

Ability Score Stat Score Stat Score
STR 10 HP 70 Threshold 18
DEX 16 DR 0 Fort 18
CON 11 Speed 6 Ref 23
INT 14 BAB 7 Will 22
WIS 19
CHA 18
Skill Score Skill Score Skill Score
Acrobatics 11 Jump 3 Ride 6
Climb 3 Know. 5 Stealth 6
Deception 7 Mechanics 5 Survival 7
Endurance 3 Perception 17 Swim 3
Gather Info 7 Persuasion 12 Treat Injury 12
Initiative 6 Pilot 6 Use Computer 5
Languages Talents Feats Feats
Basic Force Perception Force Sensitivity Weapon Finesse
Nagain Visions Force Boon Quick Draw
Bothan Block Force Training x3
Toby Skill Focus UTF Weapon Proficiency: Simple
Miralukan Weapon Proficiency: Lightsabers
Lightfoil Lightsaber Tek’La Blade
Surgery Kit 6 Medpacs Ship
All Temp Cloak Bubble Cloak

Bonus Points: 3


I am Jedi. Foretold by my own talents from an early age. Before I could read I knew my destiny did not include the man who had taken me as his apprentice. It gave me strength unknown in a child my age. I never knew when the day would come that I would find myself taken away from his side, but the force seemed to call me to my true destiny. I learned from him many different techniques. How to wield a lightsaber, the Law of Bane, how to know my own strengths and weaknesses. This last one struck me as the only useful knowledge he could impart. I can not truly explain it, but his other lessons could not hold my interest. I was punished severely for my inattentive nature, but during any lesson about embracing my sorrow or anger, my mind simply wandered until I could no longer focus on his words. But knowing myself, understanding my own abilities, realizing my own potential as a true child of the force placed fantastical images in my mind that continue to enthrall me to this day. I have never told anyone of my dreams and visions on this matter, because it is special to me. It is something for me to know, and for others to come to understand. My dreams will reach out through the force one day and guide the dreams of others into its light. Happiness, joy, love, elation…All of these come into my mind when I meditate, brought to me by the force. And these thoughts kept me from falling into madness during those days long gone. When I was four (I cannot say the exact age I was, but four is a general approximation according to the Jedi Archives) I was taken from the home of Cadius and brought to the Jedi Temple. It was found that I had not fallen to the darkside as so many others in recent times have. I withstood the teachings and trainings of my master, because the force does not recognize his dominon over its power. The force is a power for good. Only people can corrupt its light, and in a similar vein, only the Sith ever cause my dreams to waver. This is how I know the force does not condone their actions. It does not stop them, as we beings are allowed to act as we will, but the actions of those who shroud themselves in darkness distort the pure vision the force conjures of the future. Should the Sith ever be truly stopped, I believe the ability for our scholars to see the future will be perfect. There will be none who can cause ripples or distortions in the visions of the force, and thus all knowledge will finally be available to us. To live forever in the ever flowing force, connected and part of everything in existence. That is my dream. That is my truth. And I have been called upon to bring that day to bear.

Other tidbits about my character.
I do not know my family. Cadius’ records on me either never existed, or were destroyed. My family is the order, and my home is the Temple.
I have a girlfriend. Or at least a girl who smiles whenever I call her that. A Miraluka named Eloen Rayo. She says that my image through the force is bright as the sun, and twice as powerful.
The Master I am fondest of is Jana Solo, my Master’s sister. I have learned much from her, and believe we both share in the shining dream that is the force.
My closest friend in the temple is a human named Lewis. He is a quiet boy, always deep in study. He will make a great Librarian someday.

Rei Dos

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