Lt. Voss

a typical chis - blue skin, red eyes, black hair, and a member of the galactic alliance...for now.


Seishuku kun by lithium toxide
(a sick voss-see the green eyes)
str 12 dex 18 con 16 int 18 wis 15 cha 8 scoundrel 1 soldier 6
hp 81 defenses fort23 ref24 will21 damage threshhold 23
blaster pistol, heavy att10 damage 3d8/2d8stun 3/4 w/20squares
MW blaster rifle, heavy att 12 damage 3d10/2d10stun 3/4 w/ 30 squares
languages: Cheunh, Binary, Bothese, Mon Calmrian, Basic


Lt. Vos’syn’uruodo or Voss to non Csilla speaking beings is a member of the galactic alliance. He is 25 basic units(years) old. His mother is a minor military ambasiter from the Chis Homeworld hince his rank at such a young age. he is not much of a people person but a good fighting man. Socially not very good, he lets his abilities and weapons speak for him. Has been known to champon causes if he deams them just. Has a strong inner sense of right and wrong.

Lt. Voss

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