Kavrik Slade

A Jedi of the new order


str:12 dex:19 con:16 int:16 wis:14 cha:14 HP:107
defenses: fort:21 Ref:25 will:20
skills: Acrobatics:12 initiative:12 Knowledge(galactic lore):11 perception:10 pilot:12 use the force:15(17 versus block/deflect)
Dark side points:5
Atk: Dual blade lightsaber
full atk: 5/5/5
Feats:dual weap. mastery I&II, weapon finesse, exotic weap. prof. Lightsaber, martial arts I&II,force sensitive,force training x2,attack combo (melee)
Talents: Block, Deflect, Elusive Target, Lightsaber Defense
Force Powers: Dark Rage x1, force grip x2,mind trick x1,move object x1, negate energy x2, surge x1
Languages:basic, huttese, rodese, ubese, binary


Born among the bustle of lower Coruscant, Kavrik is the son of Chisato and Keyen Slade, the two had one other child, a daughter named Miranda. Times became difficult and Kavriks father was forced to take out a loan on his business from the Hutt Cartel, however the business did not recover and the Hutts came to collect on the debt. Chisato was taken and pimped out to cover the debt before she was killed by an angry customer for her refusal to do certain acts, and Miranda was sold into slavery. Keyen attempted to free his wife, however this led to his death at the hands of Gula the Hutts thugs. Kavrik lived a life on the streets, doing odd jobs and stealing to survive, it was in this life that he found his way to the employ of the Hutt Cartel to survive, enforcing debts and carrying out the will of the crime lords. When he attempted to steal from a jedi knight, he was caught and the master saw the sensitivity to the force the young boy exhibited and took him before the council, offering the boy an escape from his forced life of crime. Kavrik was accepted into the jedi order and trained to become a knight, exhibiting great skill with a lightsaber, going on several missions without the benefit of his master, who was slain on a mission. It was after the death of his master that Kavrik was sent by the council to seek out a missing master and his apprentice Tan Ada and Rey Dos, he was succesful in his mission and through many other adventures, including enduring temptations from the darkside which he has both overcome and succumbed to, and the death of his friend and fellow padawan Rey Dos at the hands of a sith lord, he has returned to the planet of his birth and home of the Jedi Council to face his jedi trials…the future of Slade is uncertain yet he faces the galaxy with a steadfastness and altruism that the light will guide him.

Kavrik Slade

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