Star Wars: A Wayward Eye

Star Wars: A Wayward Eye

Episode ?: The Loss of One, the Gain of Another

Some decisions are hard, and some are easy. We seemed to be able to make none of the latter. Estus has taken a very dark path, and refuses to see the changes in himself. Korin decides that he can no longer travel with Estus because of his actions, and since the Jedi Order has cut times with him, it seems they deemed to replace Estus in our troupe, as you may call it, with another. His name seems to be irrelevant at this point in time, but he is a Jedi Knight, so one to be respect by us all.

The triumvirate has informed us that the Imperial Remnant is attacking Galactic Alliance territory, specifically the Obra Sector. Why they are doing so, remains very much a mystery, and so we are sent to do some information gathering. All are agreed that it is going to be a good mission for us, as we have our individual goals and they coincide well. Korin wants to investigate the Force labs in the sector more, new guy is just good to go wherever, and temporarily Sub-commander Voss, while slightly unsure of going back to a system that dislikes him, is happy with his improved ranking. Voss gets us prepared to go on the mission with some additional acquisitions, as the mission is going to be very dangerous as it’s a battlefield and we’re not a large force, even with the additional 80 marines at Voss’ disposal.

Our first destination is Obra Tell and it’s a grim sight. The planet seems to have been bombarded and then placed under Imperial control, with a Starship doing its rounds around the planet. We moved on to the neighboring planets of Obra Wen and Obra Tus, and found Wen in the same situation as Tell, though Tus was horrifying. It was the agricultural planet, the breadbasket if you will, and it had been bombed for so long, and so thoroughly that it was left without an atmosphere, and will mostly likely become nothing but a hunk of rock. Why would the Imperials do such a thing? It makes no sense, if they want to gather planets for their resources, then why go to such an extent?

We unfortunately have to move on, as there is not much left for us to do here. We travel to another planet, though before I even find out the name, infighting in the group begins as we realize the planet is currently being bombarded and we all have different ideas of what we should do. Eventually, we go with Voss’ idea because he is technically in charge, and he wants to drop some marines off at Obra Wen to get some passive recon done and he things we shouldn’t be in the area while this planet is being shot at.

So we head back to Obra Wen, only to find out instantly that a battle has started over the planets, though oddly there is an odd mixture of ships, with several Galactic ships on one side! That wasn’t all, that same side was flying the personal IFF of Emperor Fell himself! After we got over our initial shock, we realized that the side opposing the Emperor was taking pot shots at Obra Tell. After MUCH discussion, we decide that getting involved with the fight was a bad idea, but we needed to find out why the other side was taking those shots at Obra Tell, it was just too odd. We also considered the fact that the Emperor’s ship is most likely not actually the Emperor’s ship and that perhaps what has been taken for the Imperial Remnant attacking the Republic, was actually the rebel faction trying to get the two to start fighting.

We decide to take our forces down to the planet, and we successfully maneuver our way down and find a Galactic Hideout of all things on the continent that the faction was shooting at! We get in touch with them and find out that there are over 10,000 refugees there, with only 300 military personnel guarding them. We discuss what to do some more, and in the end realize it is best to move away from the hideout and send a distress message requesting assistance to the Republic, and so we do.



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