Star Wars: A Wayward Eye

Personal Log of Estas Ka'Jan: Entry 1

Presumptions can be incredibly useful at times, at the very least it is impossible to completely rid oneself of all presumptions. However, oftentimes presumptions can lead to, shall we say, indelicate situations. With hindsight it is always easy to say, “Yes, this is where we went wrong” and “We should not have assumed such a thing as we did,” but this log is not about correcting the past; rather it is about ensuring the mistakes of the past are not repeated in the future.

So what did I know? I knew that both the Jedi Council and the Galactic Alliance was concerned about a particular planet. When a planet drops off the grid, as Porcall did, it is always a topic of concern. But when a planet drops off the grid at the same time that a large portion of the galaxy erupts into civil conflict, then it becomes something a bit more than a ‘topic of concern.’ Further, when it is known that a hostile force is experimenting with biological weaponry and the planet is question is devoted to the study of Biology, well, it’s hard to ignore such an obvious connection. However, a connection, no matter how obvious it may be, is only that. Caution is to be advised, of course, but there is a distinct difference between caution and subterfuge and, well, whatever it is that we did.

In retrospect, I approve of the cautionary approach that we took to not only landing on the planet, but in our approach to the city itself. Without knowing the military aspect of the planet, it only made sense to treat it as potentially hostile. I believe that circumventing the security grid was also a justifiable action. Even breaking into that poor civilian’s quarters was necessary in order to discern the general social environment of the city. After that though, after discerning that only a select few knew what was really going on — that there was even anything sinister going on to begin with — we should have taken the proper channels.

What outcome would the proper channels have led us to? If we had approached the security forces in an open, diplomatic, manner we could have explained that we (1) were sent to investigate what was going on in their world, (2) why they had cut themselves off at such a questionable time, and (3) shown that we only had the best interests of their people at heart, Perhaps then then they would have been more inclined to assist in a proper investigation. One that would have revealed that Prelate Theree Tenslay was in collusion with dissident forces. Of course, an official investigation would have given a capable subversive organization the time it needed to erase their tracks and any useful information we could have garnered from it.

What outcome did our path take us to? The distrust of an entire government and world. The illegal removal of a duly elected head of state. An encounter with a security force that resulted in the preventable death of one of the personnel while they were protecting the duly elected head of state and using, mostly, non-lethal means to detain us. The personal shame of having beaten to unconsciousness the aforementioned duly elected head of state — though, to be sure, he was a distinct threat to me.

The slight silver lining of the path that we took was confirmation that Theree Tenslay was working for an organization that is at least tied to the rebellious faction of the Imperial Remnant, more information on the virus that targets Force-Sensitives, and what I can only hopefully assume is the head researcher for the project developing the virus.

Would we have obtained this information if we had gone through the proper channels? It is possible. It is possible that we could have obtained much more information, but equally possible that we could have come away empty-handed with the incorrect thought that Prelate Theree Tenslay was completely innocent of any wrong-doing. What I stress is that I made mistakes on this planet and that these mistakes must be accounted for, explored, and remembered so that they will not be repeated in the future.

Now my companions and I sit on a Galactic Alliance warship in isolation while scans and tests are performed on us. The military has ordered our silence on the specifics of the virus infecting us and I dare not tell the doctors what I know for fear of my companion being executed. I attempted to notify the Grandmaster of the Jedi Order of our situation and I can only hope that he understands that there is something wrong. Perhaps, if I am allowed my freedom again, I can go to him and explain what is happening. I do not trust the Galactic Alliance any more than I trust the government of the Imperial Remnant. Yes, they provide order and stability for the worlds under their dominion, but that does not mean that they have the best interest of all sentients at heart. All Force Sensitives are at risk of this virus, no matter who utilizes it as a weapon and while it is folly to inform all Force Sensitives of the risks, it is necessary for those in charge of the various organizations to be aware of the extent of the threat we are facing.

NOTE: Obtain an injector system for knocking helpless hostiles unconscious. Beating someone with a stick over and over is simply too much for me. Perhaps some of the chemicals in my medical kit would have been a better route.


Great entry well worth a bonus point!


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