Star Wars: A Wayward Eye

Korin Plo: Journal Entry

There comes a time when you have to step back and just let things run their course, and hope that one day the river will come back to its original path. Estus was a good companion, one of much honor, and at least a bit of respect, though ever since we ventured into the Sith compound, he had changed. I know that the Sith amulet left a dark stain on his heart, but I honestly thought that he would see his changes, that he would be able to meditate on the matter and take heed of my warnings, for who else would know the importance of walking the line as much as I do? Alas, the darkness is too strong it seems, and he was far too clouded to see the truth. It is with much sadness that I take my leave from his side, but there is nothing more that I am able to do for him, and allowing myself to think that I could guide him would be simple foolishness, someone that far along the path must see it for themselves and at least initially want change for my guiding to have any effect.

The Jedi Knight that has taken to move with us is quite the respectable combatant, though I hope he has some other talents besides combat, for he failed to stand up to me in a sparring match. Perhaps it was just some uncertainty because he is so new to our group, but he seemed….uncoordinated. The future will tell us more of his prowess, but for now he is respectable enough and very much welcome in the tumultuous days to come.

It is not a new experience to be out on my own, allowed to do what I wish, though it is difficult with this group. First of all, our new Knight is just that, new. To both the group and being a Knight it seems. Then there’s the issue with Voss. He doesn’t seem to have gotten a bigger head from the new position, but his already big head didn’t deflate at all, that is for sure. He gives me little respect and one day soon I may well take it from him, but for now I am a diplomat representing my people, and I shall work to uphold that. Mark me though, I will, as my people will expect, defend my honor lest it become too tarnished.

I digress though, the past few days have been very difficult, trying my patience as the others argue for long hours on what to do in a given situation. They of course consult with me, and ask my opinion, and I give it, though how much they take that into consideration is hard to say. Very hard to say.

I am simply stunned at the amount of possible intrigue happening, Emperor Fell could not possibly be on that ship, this has got to be a ruse set up by the rebels. How did they get his IFF? No matter, it’s a matter of technology, and technology can always be copied, given enough time. These rebels certainly had enough time to get their plans straight.

I hope that the Republic will quickly answer our call, for this situation only grows more dire by the minute.



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