Star Wars: A Wayward Eye

Star Wars: A Wayward Eye

Episode V: Serenity and Surprises

Three days on a crowded freighter to some asteroid in the middle of banthafuck nowhere, but it certainly beat Ormbradin. I didn’t think there was a place I could like less than Nar Shadaa. The jedi mostly keep to themselves when things aren’t going horribly, so I’ve had some time to myself. Figured I’d spend it with the crew and see what’s what. Turns out there are a couple people that play sabacc. Well we all know I got the funds for my ship back home… I’ve learned since then though. Think I’ll keep it a little more low key. They seemed a little irked about the 50 creds, but no one is trying to kill me yet so that’s a plus.

The good captain offered me a seat at a higher stakes table on Ti’at Dex, but Kavrik and Rei gave me an eye like “we’ve got more important things to do.” I’m technically employed by Jana still, so I’ll get the job done. Voss looks really uncomfortable greasing palms and buying drinks with me. What does he expect? People just help each other out of the goodness of their hearts (literally hearts in this case)? Go figure, this place is as slime-covered as everywhere else. Not a lick of honest work to be found. Rei got on the com back to the temple and somehow got 5,000 more credits out of them even with the ridiculous amount he spent on our lodging. And the jedis think I’M going to help pay them back for it? Fat chance! It’s not like I’m the one who signed up for the ambassadorial suite… although I gotta say that was a SWANK hotel. The service in that place was amazing! I had half a mind to call Ti’lan and apologize for running out like that, but they probably would have thrown a hissy fit. Like an intelligent person, I live within my means, so a nice cheap hotel is where we’ll be staying for the next few days until we can find a ship to Adumar.

Good grief… I leave for 15 minutes and this group falls apart! Jan and Voss were at each others’ throats when I walked in. Something about Jan’s family still being missing and Voss having better things to do. I mean, yeah, we definitely have the fate of the Galactic Alliance in our hands, but he didn’t have to be so callous. I think Jan understands though. I’d love to go find his family personally. Empire space? There’s gotta be stuff in there that the people of the Alliance can’t get.

Well, I’ve done it again! Looks like there’s a Hapes 3200 Kelcapp cruiser setting out in about a day. Crew looks swarthy as ever. My cup of tea! Probably something illicit going on, but the priority is getting to Adumar right now. Maybe I can make a new contact for future jobs? I’ll have to play that one by ear.

This ship is the TITS! I did a little research before we boarded. The most important spec? PLENTY of places to hide things… I have to get me one of these things. The crew doesn’t want to talk about their ship too much, so the best I’ve been able to do is pick up on a little bit of coded conversation. They’re definitely smuggling something, but I’m not sure what yet.

Okay three days and I haven’t been able to find the cargo. Probably a good thing; if they catch me I’ll be out an airlock faster than I can say Hutt. BEEP BEEP BEEP Alarms?!? Maybe it’s pirates!!! Finally some action. The downtime has been nice, but my trigger finger is itchy. The big guy with the gun tried to tell us it’s just an Alliance patrol. Honest mistake. Go back to your quarters. A mistake? Seriously? Come on, you can do better than that. I offered my services, but he didn’t take to that idea. Oh well, I’ll sit it out for now and see what happens.

Just heard the big guy holler “What in the HELL do you think you’re doing accessing the cameras??” into Voss’s room. I should show him a thing or two… you know if he isn’t shot in the next few seconds. Guess I’ll poke my head out and see what’s going on. “Voss, you ok?” Oh boy, that’s a pistol. Yeah, yeah, I’m coming too. Wait. I’m coming too… to see the captain. That means the bridge! WHOO!! Can’t wait to see what the brain of this place looks like! Can’t say this is the ideal way to do it, but the captain should be friendly enough.

Captain: “Do you work for the Galactic Alliance?”
Voss: “Yes.”
Captain: “Take him to the brig.”
Me: “No, I definitely do not!”

Turns out the Galactic Alliance patrol is true. It just so happens that the smuggling racket is also true. Damn, I’m good. And DAMN is this cockpit beautiful now that I’m looking around a bit. Hell, that weapons console has enough parts to build a speeder. Looks like I was just offering my services to the wrong man. When in doubt, go to the top. The captain asked me to keep my friends busy and out of the way. Well, busy I can definitely do, but if the Alliance is right outside there’s no need for us to go all the way to Adumar. So let’s see… 4 on the bridge and 3 elsewhere. The guy on the sensors and the engineering chick shouldn’t be a problem so that’s only 5 guns versus our two lightsabers. No problem.

Kavrik seems to have wandered out of his compartment. I guess it’s good to see him do something besides sit in the corner floating some moral dilemmas around his head. I filled him in on the situation what with Voss being in prison. All he says is, “Go get Rei and Voss,” and walks toward the bridge. I figure he can handle himself. Besides, the goods aren’t going to be in the bridge. Rei seems completely at ease with the whole situation, but telling him Voss is in the brig seems to have finally stirred his passivity enough to get him to move. Good thing I’m here!

The security on this cell should not be this good. They must do some business in the slave trade too. Nothing I can’t handle though, it’ll just take a lit— BEEP BEE …..tle longer. There we go! I can hear the engineer and sensor coming down the hall. If they try anything they’ll be dead in a shot or two. Probably can’t hit the broad side of a bantha anyway.

Rei: “There is another jedi upstairs that has already secured the bridge and another one right in front of you.”
PEW! I knew it! That went right into the ceiling. Random, however, can also mean my gut. Suddenly a stun blast goes by me and tags the engineer in the chest pushing her back for a moment, but not enough to knock her out. I take a few more steps forward and she issues an order to stop. Ha! An order from this gi— PEW! — I return fire, but my blaster catches on the holster and the blast goes wide hitting the wall next to her. Shit, better cover fast. “Next one’s in your chest. Put the gun down.” Now that I’m closer I can see her hands shaking. I walk up and slowly place my hand on the barrel and pull it down. It takes a little tug, but she lets go almost in tears. I look at the other one for a second and he runs. “Rei, don’t let him get to the pods. Voss, get up to the bridge,” I say. Voss is already moving past me as I say this. He knows what to do. I stay a minute with the timid one and have her take me to the engine room and help me shut down the ship. With the defenses and engines cut the Alliance shouldn’t have a problem getting aboard and we’ll have the crew mopped up by then.

As I suspected, Kavrik is taking the entire bridge and hardly looks scathed. Wish I was as good with a lightsaber as he is. Thats ok just gotta sneak in and… aww crap. Voss! Why’d you go and pull his attention! I don’t care if you were in here first! Alright fine, cover. Need cover. Console! Perfect. These chumps are nothi… wait a minute. Why is the weapons console over there? Oh well, PEW PEW! Damn that captain can JUMP! Voss and Rei should be able to handle him, I’ll help Kavrik wrap things up here then see about finding the shipment. I wonder what it is. Hope it’s not just spice.

Alright. Bridge is clear. That’s right punk you better surrender! Hmm… hope Kavrik doesn’t kill him. Oh well, not my problem. Kylee should know where the stuff is I’ll go ask her. Just gotta run past the guy Rei tied up outside the escape pods… holy crap. Rei what did you do, man? That whole thing is bent out of shape! Ooooh you used your little force tricks to jam it shut. Hi captain! Heh heh, good thinking jedi. Alright, onward to Kylee!

The cargo hold of course, but there are soo many panels (“Its over here”). Which one could it be? Let’s see if I were a stolen shipment where would I be (“This one”)? Well personally I like to keep stuff as close to the center of the walls as possibl… what Kylee? (“Help me here”). Oh, THAT one. I was going to check that next. Wow, this is pretty easy to get into but really hard to find if you’re not looking for it. Nice job team! Spice… bleh. I mean… that’s a TON of spice, but it’s still a little disappointing. Oh another compartment JACKPOT!!!!!!!!!!! THERMAL DETONATORS!!!! I haven’t seen these things since back home! Oh man that heist was epic. I’ll never forget the look on that poor Bothan’s face when the building crashed down in front of his speeder. Priceless. Ok now how to make this look like none are missing… there we go. Hmm. Kylee’s looking at me funny.

Kylee: “Why are you taking those?”
Me: “Well the Alliance is going to want to know they’re here. Now if they don’t have a trained specialist to deal with them… well we don’t want everything blowing up, so I’m just going to take some samples to them instead.”

Where did that come from? Wow, that’s the best answer I’ve ever had! Guess I haven’t lost my touch. Wait, what Voss? Present ourselves for boarding? Uhh… yeah… sure. I’ll be riiiight up. Right after I take a quick stop at our quarters. Wait. YOUR quarters. Don’t want these in my room just in case. Here’s to hoping the Alliance is incompetent!

Alright pistols out AND the knife. Man, thank god Franco didn’t pat us down. Probably would have killed me over that. Probably going to kill me eventually anyway… Yeah yeah, calm down you GA grunts I’ll put my hands on my head. Ow! Watch it with those cuffs. We do all of your work taking down this ship and this is the thanks we get? No wonder the Empire hates you. And you’d really think these interrogation rooms could at least have padded seats or something. That’ll change once they realize who we are. And that we’re not dead. And how much crazy shit we know. Yeah that’s right, get those cuffs off. Damn right I look smug… uhh, the admiral? Why yes we’d love to go talk to him. This just keeps getting stranger and stranger.

I’m gonna let Voss take point on this one what with him being an ex? current? Formerly-deceased-but-now-back-to-active-duty? member of the army. Things went swimmingly just as I expected. Even convinced them to let Kylee come with us. I told her we’d get her off the hook. Honestly… thank god because there’s no way any of us were gonna fix that mess of an engine without her. And what’s more I’m now responsible for her! I’ve got my very own, and more importantly very cute, engineer cohort! Gonna have to get her to show me how she rigged it up for the wrench to complete the hyperdrive circuit. Tricky little minx. Now if only I’d have spoken up a little sooner I could have had this ship in my name too. That’s ok, Rei. You can have it for now. We all know who’s REALLY running this show.



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