Star Wars: A Wayward Eye

Star Wars: A Wayward Eye

Episode I: A Trip into Known Turbulance

“The threat of the Sith has once again been eliminated from the galaxy, Anakin’s destiny has been redeemed by his descendants, we now must redeem our place to our predecessors as guardians of peace and knights of justice; the watchwords of diplomacy. To use this honor as anything more then what it was requested as at face value would be not only a failure to seize an opportunity to regain our former station, but to lay a path that would deny the Forces influence on future diplomatic endeavors.” Repeated Jedi Master Barratk’l for at least the third time in the four hours the discussion had waged in the High Council Chambers. For the first time since the end of the Second Galactic Civil War the Jedi Order had been approached by the Galactic Alliance to serve as the front of the diplomatic core. Not since the time of the Old Republic had the Order been given such an esteemed task as that which had been placed before them.

The Alliance’s old rivals the Imperial Remnant had finally agreed to the Senate’s pleas to reopen the diplomatic negotiations that had failed to sway them to join the rest of the unified Galaxy after the end of the Second Galactic Civil War. In an unexpected move the Triumvirate had requested permission, which even more unexpected had been granted, of the Senate to approach the Jedi Order to serve as the diplomatic ambassadors to the Remnant. The Senate imposed but one restriction on the Orders handling of this diplomatic task, that was they where required to accept a Military Aid as part of their embassy. This aid would serve a multitude of functions: lend credence to the Jedi’s Mission as having the full support of the Alliance, enable a tactical analysis of Imperial military hardware, protect the Ambassadors, and finally enable the Senate to hear a non-jedi perspective during any future debriefs. However this simple move fueled the complications of the discussion in the High Council Chambers.

“The obvious scars of Darth Caedus’ work may be gone but we continue to hear of a poison that runs deep through that section of space. You know I agree with your assessment of our role in the Galaxy my friend, but we can not be blind to the dangers of the Dark Side; nor the threats we’ve heard reported from the edges of Imperal Space,” Master Cilghal countered. “To do so would invite the disasters our very predecessors left themselves open to.”



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